It’s that time again… know, that time where you find yourself moving from Tunisia to Thailand via the USA (where, incidentally, you will be popping out your first mini Wonglet), and you feel the need to reflect. It's easier to move forward with contentment when I've properly articulated where I've been. In no particular order, other than the…Read more It’s that time again…

On The Inside

December, 2014.  I had a conversation with an old friend of mine, Joel.  Like many times before, we discussed our desire to create more music and the challenges that came along with it.  As usual, after sifting through all the reasons why we are not making music, we came to the same conclusion; we're lazy.…Read more On The Inside

After the Aftermath

A year ago today, Corbet and I learned that our first child, at 12 weeks of gestation, had passed away. The weeks following were a nightmare due to medical complications, poor hospital care, and the usual grief that goes along with such a loss. We mourned our little one, but we recovered, stronger and closer…Read more After the Aftermath