A Farewell to Summer

This summer, for the first time in 9 years as an international teacher, I did not travel. It was a strange feeling to bid farewell to my friends, colleagues and neighbors as they all departed for various destinations, knowing that I would be here in our teacher housing compound all summer. One of the things…Read more A Farewell to Summer


To Dorian, on his last day as an only child.

Two years. Two glorious, little sister-free years of soaking up all of mom and dad's attention. Two years of absolute, distraction-free doting. It's too bad you won't remember it, but your dad and I will. We can assure you that it has been amazing. You were our foray into the world of parenting! You were…Read more To Dorian, on his last day as an only child.

Learning to love uncertainty…and Hawaii

There's been an ongoing conversation in our household lately, the theme of which is a broad one, but it boils down to this: What do we want? An easy question, and yet not. It's very simple to make a list of our goals and hopes and desires, but when you factor in all the uncertainty that…Read more Learning to love uncertainty…and Hawaii