Two years. Two glorious, little sister-free years of soaking up all of mom and dad’s attention. Two years of absolute, distraction-free doting. It’s too bad you won’t remember it, but your dad and I will. We can assure you that it has been amazing. You were our foray into the world of parenting! You were the fantastic little person that made your dad and I into a real team. You were our first glimpse into the innocent, pure, painfully sweet world of a tiny person. And now we’re hooked. So hooked, we’re giving it another go! Your little sister is on her way, and unlike you when you were born, she’s giving us a little time to prepare for her arrival, both mentally and physically. So here I sit, in my hotel room at the Marriott Hotel, just a few minutes away from Bumrungrad Hospital, waiting for my daughter (and husband!) to arrive. She should be here sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, you’ll be in the care of some kind, loving friends for the next few days, as well as our mae bahn, Kai. You’ll likely be a bit confused, but you’d best just get used to that feeling. There are some big changes ahead, my friend, and life is never going to be the same again.

Here’s what you know:

  1. There’s a baby in mommy’s tummy.
  2. Mommy’s tummy is big, and yours is small.
  3. Her name (though you sometimes call our mae bahn by the same name, much to our chagrin).
  4. The butterflies, crib, toys, and clothes that have infiltrated our house are for her.

Here’s what I want you to know:

  1. She’s the coolest birthday present you’ll get this year (it’s about 12 days until your birthday).
  2. Take it from a girl with 4 brothers-she will idolize you.
  3. She could be your very best friend in the whole world.
  4. Your dad and I have enough love for both of you. You will not be forgotten, sweet Dori.
  5. Mommy’s tummy will get smaller. Thank goodness.

So now I’m going to spend a little time resting, looking out at the Bangkok skyline, and preparing my heart for another sweet angel. Dorian, your dad and I couldn’t have been luckier than to have you be our first child. You’ve set the bar high with your sweetness, your playfulness, your sense of humour, your gentle energy, your empathy, and your loving nature. You’re going to be the best big brother around. See you soon, sweet bug!


Your Mom

3 thoughts on “To Dorian, on his last day as an only child.

  1. This is adorable! Huge congratulations to all three of you on the upcoming arrival of your new addition. I hope it is all smooth and easy and uneventful. Sending you lots of love and hugs, Soukeina xxx

  2. To my dear daughter, your feelings are so beautifully expressed💕 I well remember wanting to assure each child, that there was love enough to go around. Each time a new baby arrived,the other children had a new opportunity to learn about sharing!
    You and corbet have filled Dorian with love, and he is so special! We are SO looking forward to meeting our 4th granddaughter/10th grandchild.🌸 We are praying for you, and sending our love to all 4🌠🦋💐. Your Mom

    • Just when I had found myself wondering “what was happening with the expanding Wong family” your beautiful post appears. I will be thinking of you as the enter the next phase of your parental adventure. And Iook forward to meeting Dorian’s little sister someday soon! Love, James

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