Captain No-Beard

Dorian, this morning was super special!  The playground gods showered you with love, and I am grateful.  Living in faculty housing can be challenging at times.  So many families, so many kids, all sharing the same play areas.  Many times, you are reserved (sometimes frozen!) in response to the whirlwind of energy created by others.

The past two days have been parent-teacher conferences at school.  This meant that there were even more children at home.  Yesterday, both play areas were packed with kids going wild.  I was somewhat grateful when you pooped and caused us to go home earlier than usual.  There was an expectation on my part that today would be similar to yesterday with lots of kids and me having to be more cautious for your comfort and safety.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the basketball court and saw only two sets of sisters, all who adore you!  It began with a simple round of hello’s, and everyone playing by themselves.  Over the course of the next hour, I was honored with the beauty of children at play.  The four girls decided that they would use the ladder/slide structure as a fort.  No, then it became a ship!  The red car would serve as the driver’s seat.  Yes, yes.  People were assigned roles and given names (both of which changed several times over).  You were named as Captain!  Captain No-Beard!  I had a little input on your name as the girls went through the process of first calling you Captain Blackbeard, then Bluebeard, before I suggested No-Beard.  It stuck.

So, there you were, Captain No-Beard with four young ladies under your command!  They began gathering treasures to put in the ship.  You helped to retrieve basketballs, soccer balls, sticks, leaves, plastic bottles, an empty soda can and other random objects.  There was even talk of a gold coin (rock) that was discovered.

Next, it was decided that the plastic bottles and soda can were cannons!  Oh, and cannons need to be filled with sticks, right?!  So, you helped get the sticks into the bottles and can.  This part was right up your alley, Dorian!  I sat with a huge grin as you focused on placing the sticks into the tiny opening of the bottle tops and soda can.


Captain No-Beard builds cannons with his crew.

After that, you weaved in and out of your Captain’s role, wandering on solo Captain missions.  In the meantime, your crew was kind enough to continue keeping the ship and its treasure safe from any “villains”.  The girls did a great job of inviting you back from time to time and were perfect in maintaining the balance of your emotions.  If they were too pushy, you would have cried.  Their gentle reminders of your Captain’s status allowed you to return to the ship under your own willpower.

The slide was designated as the Captain’s chair.  I walked you over and sat you down on your special seat.  To our surprise, you began crying!  I realized you thought I had put you in ‘time out’ and had to explain this to your crew and reassure them of their Captain’s ability to carry out his duties.

This morning was one of my favorites, Dorian.  It was the best I’ve seen of you playing with others.  It was sweet, sincere, and filled with creativity.  All attributes that I wish so strongly for you as you grow up.  I was a witness to the magic of imagination and reminded of the loving spirits in our community.


Captain No-Beard, Ship, & Crew



2 thoughts on “Captain No-Beard

  1. corbet, thank you for sharing “the adventures of captain nobeard!”
    We loved your account of how those sweet girls welcomed the frightful “no beard” as a shipmate!
    Such good photos😎
    From “Nobeard’s” grandma👍🏽

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