Learning to Share

Okay, Dorian.  Here's what has been happening over the past two weeks.  Mom and dad have finally decided to try out the local housekeeping/childcare services.  That's why we have had a new friend in our apartment so much.  For some time, mom and I have had many conversations (good and bad) in regard to hiring…Read more Learning to Share

Learning to love uncertainty…and Hawaii

There's been an ongoing conversation in our household lately, the theme of which is a broad one, but it boils down to this: What do we want? An easy question, and yet not. It's very simple to make a list of our goals and hopes and desires, but when you factor in all the uncertainty that…Read more Learning to love uncertainty…and Hawaii

This Moment

It's Tuesday night here in Bangkok, and we in the ISB community have just received word that a high school student died today in an accident in the school swimming pool. An eleventh grade boy, with his whole life ahead of him, is gone. His future accomplishments, his future family, his future children, all gone. Although I…Read more This Moment