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It’s a beautiful day in Billings, MT, and a great day to be parents to the cutest 8-week old in the world! Dorian is growing and changing, weighing close to 10 pounds now, and smiling and chuckling at the best and worst of times (recently, during one of the few rough nights we’ve had, we heard this little guy laughing at us from his bassinet while we were hoping to catch a few minutes of sleep at the same time!). He’s met about 20 of his family members, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even his great grandma, a couple of great aunts, and a first cousin once removed. He is loved and adored by all.

People have been asking us for photos of Dorian, and also how to access Corbet’s recent musical album. Please find info about both below:

We’ll be posting any pics of Dorian on his own picture page, which can be reached by clicking on the little menu icon in the top left corner of the blog (it appears as three small lines in a column) and clicking on the page titled (obviously) “Photos: Dorian”. If you’ve subscribed to the blog, you won’t be notified when we post new pics, so just check back every now and then for new photos.

For the next item of business, I have to toot my husband’s horn, as I’m sure he’s not going to do it himself. His original EP (extended play album) “On the Inside” is now available for purchase on i-Tunes! Woot woot! To check it out, go to the same menu icon in the upper left corner, click on “music”, and enjoy all of Corbet’s hard work.

I guess I’d better leave a little eye candy before I sign off, so here’s a taste. For more, check out Dorian’s photo page.

photo 2 copy

Dorian and Uncle Johnny enjoy a beautiful Montana summer day.

photo 1 copy

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