Koh Yao Yai

This last week was fall break at ISB, so bright and early last Saturday morning, the Wongs hopped on a plane and headed to Phuket. From there, we caught a pre-arranged shuttle to the Ao Po Pier on the east side of Phuket. From there, we hopped (well…the hopping was a bit subdued by this point in the day) onto a boat and traveled 30 minutes across the Andaman Sea to the beautiful island of Koh Yao Yai, where we spent a week playing on the beach, swimming in the sea, relaxing, eating delicious Thai food, and focusing on the thing that really matters: our time together. Dorian has become a fantastic traveller. It helped that he’s down to one nap/day, so we’re able to easily arrange our outings around his nap schedule. He was amazing on the flight, in the shuttle, and on the boat, and settled into his temporary sea-view crib like a champ. We’re so fortunate that we get to haul our baby around the planet with us. What better way for him to learn how to be flexible and open-minded?

Usually on breaks like this one we end up staying home, at least for part of the time. I’m normally exhausted from school, and the thought of travelling tends to overwhelm me. After all, with a little guy, we can’t really do the “fun” stuff like kayak, snorkel, dive, etc, so what’s the point, I usually think. Why not just stay home where he has his toys and his own bed? However, as I look back on our gorgeous, relaxing week spent together, I have to admit, we were able to focus on one another in a way that we wouldn’t have at home. While home is easy, there are also so many distractions: work, chores, cooking, cleaning, reminders of all the things you “need” to do. In a beautiful hotel room with a view of the sea, the only thing to do is be. Be calm, be restful, be together. As I embark on the busier part of the school year, and as we begin the mental and physical preparations of welcoming a fourth Wong into our family, time like last week becomes ever more precious. May we never take it for granted!

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7 thoughts on “Koh Yao Yai

  1. I love reading your posts. Congratulations on the 4th Wong. When are you due? Are you planning a trip to California this summer? Being retired is such an amazing adventure! 😜
    Big Hugs to you- Corbet and sweet Dorian! Xxoo

    • Hi Laurel! I miss you! New baby is due May 4th. We likely won’t be in CA this summer, but probably the following summer! Come visit anytime! Hugs!

  2. Thank you so much for your updates, Angie and Corbet! You guys are living an amazing life and we enjoy following your travels and adventures! Congratulations on the news of a new little one; we look forward to meeting your sweet children whenever you’re back in our part of the world.
    Much love,
    Joni and Loren

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