Maiko: Labor of Love

In the wee hours of the morning, almost seven days after your birth, I sit at our dining table watching you sleep in the swing.  We had to leave our bedroom so mom could get some much needed rest.  Two years ago, I wrote about Dorian's birth.  This is your story, Maiko, and how we welcomed…Read more Maiko: Labor of Love

Summer Lovin’

Dorian is passed out in his crib (hooray for small victories!), Corbet is on a trip to IKEA with the other newbies, and I have time to write a blog post! 26 hours of travel has transported our little family from Big Sky Country (Montana) to Bangkok, Thailand. We arrived on Thursday night, the 24th, at…Read more Summer Lovin’

Settling Down…or Something Similar

So here we are, living in a 1-bedroom basement apartment in Billings, Montana, until July 22nd. Suddenly, after months of sometimes frantic, often lethargic preparations for our move from Tunisia, the termination of my duties at school, the birth of our baby, and a move to Thailand, I find myself in a really fast-moving time warp.…Read more Settling Down…or Something Similar