Maiko: First Blood

My goodness, Maiko.  What a morning we had, huh?  It started off like any other morning, you and Dorian yapping away while you both wait to be rescued into the morning of a new day.  I got Dorian settled with the potty, toothbrushing, and clothes-changing.  I picked you up, carried you downstairs, Dorian carefully walking…Read more Maiko: First Blood


Stay-at-home Dad, Day 01: Crappy

This morning, Angie went off to work for the first time in Bangkok.  This meant it was my first official day as a stay-at-home dad.  Things got off to a great start, with Angie feeding Dorian before she left the apartment.  I hung out with Dorian for a bit until he was ready for a…Read more Stay-at-home Dad, Day 01: Crappy