Good Music

While perusing my daily Huffington Post email yesterday, I came across a blurb for a song called “Lay Me Down”, originally by Sam Smith, performed with John Legend.

There are a number of reasons why this song hit me so hard: 1) Both Sam Smith and John Legend have truly incredible, yet very different, voices, and their harmonies blew me away. They weren’t so predictable, but just predictable enough. 2) It’s really refreshing and inspiring to hear such a simple arrangement (piano and voice) in this age of super-production and digital tricks. It’s hard to be a mediocre musician when the arrangement is so transparent and so dependent on sheer talent, rather than shock value/booty-shaking/appalling lyrics (ahem, Niki Minaj). 3) I’m about to have a baby, and there were lots of pictures of beautiful babies who need help (the song is being used to help raise funds in support of Red Nose Day, a UK telethon taking place on March 13th that raises money for those in need in the UK and Africa). 4) I’m about to have a baby, and just about anything even remotely cool makes me cry these days.

If there’s a song that’s hit you in the gut recently, please share!

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